About Us


We are a movement of disciples who love God, love others, grow in our Christ-like identity, and move forward making disciples.

Our Story

Everyone is part of our story. Each person is walking out a story in his / her life. The real question is- whose story is it? We see God’s story as our story. We are directly connected to God’s story through the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, our story is for His glory.

Our Mission

We want to glorify God through three things: be who God created us to be, to live how God desires us to live, and to do what God has called us to do, inspiring others to follow suit.

Our Team

God has created us uniquely and wonderfully. We are given gifts, talents and abilities that point to how good God is. Serving The Lord is everyday, not just on Sundays. There is no I in team and we are convinced that each one is called to serve God with all of their unique giftings. Servers serve and leaders lead.

Steve Martino

Steve Martino

Lead Pastor

Sunday Services


397 Clarke Avenue

Staten Island, NY, 10306

prayer and worship night

Every 2nd Sunday 6pm at office location

(88 New Dorp Plaza)

DNA Small groups

Mondays and Wednesdays at 7PM

(Various Locations)



(917) 993-9392

Office Address

88 New Dorp Plaza, Suite 101
Staten Island, NY, 10306